Greys Anatomy Seasons 1-9 DVD Box Set

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Watching TV seems to be the only entertainment in my high school life, because most of the time I should study hard, preparing for the College Entrance Examination. But the Greys Anatomy Seasons 1-9 DVD Box Set TV shows broadcast on TV is not full of variety for grey’s anatomy seasons 9. At that time, Taiwanese idol-drama or Korean dramas are my favorite programs


But since I went to college, I began to get in touch with some American or UK TV series. I am always interested in English. So it is such a great thing for me to watch some American or UK TV series. One of my favorite Greys Anatomy TV series is Greys Anatomy. Themed by medicine, it is a very popular TV series in prime time in America. On March 7th, 2005, it premiered in ABC and starring Ellen Pompeo. In this TV play, several young people strive to become doctors, but doctors in the hospital try their best to keep humanity. With high intensity training for these surgical interns, the director also put some comic and sexual elements in this TV show at the same time. greys anatomy seasons 9 shows that the real life is like gray shadow. In the doctors’ miserable life, it is not simple of the drug or the interpersonal relationship. In 2010, CCTV introduced it and premiered it in May.


There are five protagonists in this Greys Anatomy DVD Box Set TV shows. For fierce competition and great pressure, they have struggled hard to keep their friendship. the Meredith Grey is girl who wants to experience the realistic society. But her job makes it impossible. She is always ambitious to be a doctor. When her mother, an excellent surgeon, fell ill seriously, she began to hesitate. Christina Yang is contradictory. She is so stressful that she walled herself off, just like a machine. Lzzie Stevens, from a poor family in a small town, works as a model to pay for her tuition. So she is always trying to come over inferiority complex. George O’Malley is a passionate boy, always doing something wrong at a wrong time. The last one is Alex Karev. Like other housemen, he covers up the grass-root class of his family background by his arrogance and ambition. Believe or not, it is really an interesting TV series of greys anatomy seasons 9. Everyone can learn something from it.